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Ultimate Saver Protection Plan: Save on Auto Repair

“The Revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make It fall.” – Pawan Kalyan

When you hear the term revolutionary, many thoughts may come to mind. For most of us, the first thought would be along the lines of “something that sets the course for the future in a way of dramatic change”. This is what we are here to provide for you, and set us apart from the rest. We understand that the revolution we are speaking of may not be as flashy as the announcement of the iPhone, the introduction of Flight, or the invasion of Alexa in our homes. But, in every revolutionary advancement, there have always been those that stepped off the beaten path and began the progression for change. These are the pioneers that aren’t afraid to change the rules and set the standard that we all deserve; this is precisely what we are setting out to do with our Ultimate Saver Protection Plan.

The Ultimate Saver Protection Plan

Life scenario without Auto-endurance Ultimate Savers protection plan:

After exceeding the time frame or miles of your provided auto warranty, you find that the car you purchased needs new brake pads, an oil change, and the battery needs to be replaced. You bring your vehicle to the mechanic for a quote and they tell you that you’re looking at $500 to cover the cost of auto repair. You contact the dealership hoping they’ll help you out any way they can but all attempts to reason with them result in you being told its “your problem now”.

Life scenario with Auto-Endurance Ultimate Savers Club Protection Plan:

You call a Auto-Endurance representative and explain the issues your car is having. You are told that you have a complimentary brake job, oil change and car battery replacement available to you; all of which will cost you nothing! You are directed to an authorized provider recommended to you by your Auto-endurance representative who then schedules an appointment on your behalf.

The Plan You Deserve

Included alongside the complimentary maintenance added to your plan, we also provide you with revolutionary roadside coverage that provides you with a peace of mind in the event of an unforeseen breakdown. Not only do we cover you in instances of battery failures, flat tire, fuel delivery, and engine issues. we also provide car lockout service and key extraction services.

We understand that there are people of all varying skill sets that may be using our coverage plans. That is why you will have access to our on-hand ASE-Certified technicians, to provide real-time diagnostics for issues over the phone and to determine if there’s anything that can be done by the policy holder to remedy the issue so there’s no need to wait for a tow-truck. This way we can get you back on the road in minutes. In the event that you are on vacation when the breakdown occurs, our service contract allows for lodging and meal coverage, this way an unfortunate breakdown doesn’t cause your trip to come to a full stop.

Attached to our Ultimate Saver Vehicle Protection Plan, we also have added benefits for the policy holder. This is our way of rewarding those who use our coverage with additional discounts and offers. When you enroll in our Protection plan you automatically become a member of the Road America Motor Club. This provides you access to an extended amount of benefits, which include discounts up to 50% off hotel visits, car rental, amusement parks, cruises, and restaurants. As a member of the RAMC, you are also entitled to savings of up to $500 per car repair, this way you won’t need to spend an arm and a leg to pay to fix whatever is wrong with your car.

The Car Care You Need

When it comes to the Most Affordable Vehicle Service plan it’s rare that you will find one that holds true to the mantra of “The Customer’s Needs First”. Sadly, most consumers have come to understand it’s one thing for a company to say they offer it and another for them to provide it, thanks to poor service quality in the past. That uncertainty is what we are aiming to combat; to change the stigma and lead a new wave of accountability on the parts of our representatives and providers.

Whether it’s past faults you’ve found in your customer service representatives, the burden their hired tow-truck drivers seemed to express on their face when coming to aid you, or any error you found in your billing that required you to go out of your way to correct it. It always seems the call to your provider was always met with hesitance and frustration, wouldn’t it be nice to feel that a call to your provider would be met with the same quality as calling one of your friends? That is the revolutionary standard we provide for members of our Ultimate Saver Program. We have your back no matter the situation and treat your problems as our own, there is no company and client; there is only one team.

To emphasize this point, we not only offer an On-Call ASE-Certified Technician as previously mentioned but we also provide you with a Repair Advocate Assistant to answer any questions you might have to diagnose any issue you are having with your vehicle. The Repair advocate assistant is just one part of our revolutionary concept of allowing a skilled-professionals to converse with repair shop mechanics on your behalf, and to make sure you are getting an accurate repair at the cheapest price possible. We will then provide you with external options in the event the repair shop is attempting to overcharge you.

We like to emphasize we are on a team to remind you that we are as invested in your coverage as you are; once joining you are no longer a customer but part of our team. Just as you would help a co-worker to the best of your ability, we are here to help you to the best of ours. We are breaking the client company stigma and providing you the same coverage we would offer any one of our teammates.

The Team You Want

Unlike other providers, our car warranty coverage is made for nearly any make, model, or mileage. So, if your car is a year old, or even 15 years old, you will be assured your vehicle is covered. This is exceptionally helpful to those who are offered limited to no coverage at the time of purchase. We quickly and easily provide a quote for your specific model and have you covered as soon as the next day. We will build a file around the car you come to us with, what vehicle maintenance may be needed and if there is any manufacturer recalls pending on your vehicle, or if there are any maintenance scheduled happenings. We also are here to assist you with any upgrades you are looking at providing for your car such as replacing head units, internal GPS systems, and even tires. This way, you’ll get the best price for the parts and installation with the best-recommended models.

The Next Steps

Though revolutions start with someone stepping out and making ripples the only way for it to progress is by those who join with the movement. There is a very real need for a change in the protection plans offered, as too many times they aren’t created for the customer’s benefit but for the companies benefit alone. Auto-Endurance Warranty is pioneering this movement in order to change what we have so easily been programmed to accept. We’ve created an entirely new offering, one that puts the customers and company on the same level. We both deserve to benefit equally and that is why we have formulated our plan around you. There is no more customer and client; only a team.

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