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MYTHS: An extended automobile warranty can go by various names, such as an auto protection plan or a vehicle service contract. Regardless of its title, an extended warranty serves as a valuable shield against unexpected breakdowns and unforeseen repair expenses for vehicle owners.

At the very least, every holder of an extended warranty policy should comprehend what their plan entails (as well as what it excludes) and the duration of the protection.

Let’s address these common extended warranty myths:

1: Extended Warranties Are Always Worth the Cost

In reality, an extended warranty may not be a prudent investment for every vehicle. Car owners need to acknowledge this fact. While having the assurance of coverage for breakdowns and unexpected repair bills is reassuring, there are instances where this may not be relevant.

For instance, an extended warranty might not be a cost-effective option if your vehicle is nearing the end of its lifespan (if you’re already well-acquainted with tow truck drivers, for instance). The funds spent on a warranty could be better allocated towards purchasing a new car.

An extended warranty might not be justified if you already have substantial savings. In such a case, you may have no reservations about using your savings to cover repair expenses that could amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars. While this doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s a scenario to be aware of.

2: Auto Warranties Cover All Repairs and Maintenance

It’s vital to remember that extended warranties do not encompass all repairs. Let’s begin with repairs – different plans offer varying degrees of coverage. For instance, Endurance offers an essential program that focuses solely on crucial systems like the engine and transmission. This is a more budget-friendly option, but it won’t extend to unrelated components like air conditioning units.

On the other hand, Endurance offers a Supreme plan featuring comprehensive coverage; it closely resembles a new car’s “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, with only a few exceptions. Naturally, this option comes at a higher cost. Additionally, there are plans in between, catering to high-mileage vehicles and specialty cars (such as commercial-use or select luxury models). It all boils down to being aware of what’s covered, especially considering that extended warranties address defects in manufacturing or workmanship, not issues stemming from normal wear and tear.

Furthermore, most extended warranties exclude vehicle maintenance unless it’s explicitly included in the plan. For instance, Endurance’s Advantage coverage includes up to $3,500 in maintenance services (such as oil changes, tire rotations, and diagnostics). However, such plans are exceptions rather than the norm.

3: Dealership Servicing is Mandatory to Preserve the Warranty

Dealerships often benefit from the misconception that car owners are required to utilize their service departments to uphold their warranties. This notion is entirely false. In fact, it’s a federal law that you’re not obligated to patronize a dealership for out-of-pocket repairs. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act provides a layer of protection for consumers dealing with vehicle problems beyond the scope of state “lemon laws.” If your car qualifies as a “lemon” and the manufacturer doesn’t offer replacement or reimbursement, this law permits you to take legal action against the manufacturer to secure a refund or a replacement.

Additionally, as long as you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and employ approved parts, your warranty remains valid. It’s wise to maintain records, and choosing an ASE Certified mechanic or repair shop is always a good practice.

4: All Extended Warranties are Identical

Similar to various healthcare or home protection insurance policies, multiple options exist for extended car warranties. As mentioned in Myth #2, car owners can select from a range of plans with differing costs and levels of protection. Most extended warranties involve distinct deductibles, which can help reduce premiums or limit out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s advisable to avoid companies offering a one-size-fits-all extended warranty without any customization options. Such plans might result in overpayment or inadequate coverage.

5: New Cars Don’t Require Extended Warranties

While owners of new cars might assume that extended warranties are unnecessary due to the existing manufacturer’s warranty, there are advantages to considering additional protection early on. Buying an extended warranty sooner rather than later often translates to lower costs. This principle resembles purchasing life insurance – premiums tend to be more affordable when acquired early.

Furthermore, some extended warranties offer benefits that aren’t included in a factory warranty. Take Endurance’s Advantage coverage, for instance. Most new cars don’t come with maintenance services (or if they do, they’re limited to basic tasks like oil changes). This program from Endurance includes features like car battery replacement, alignment checks, and other services that you would typically have to pay for, regardless of the quality of the new car warranty. Let’s get to work addressing common extended warranty myths

Tips for Grasping Your Auto Warranty

Understanding the ins and outs of an extended warranty can be challenging, but possessing the necessary details enhances the utilization of this coverage.

Begin by determining the extent of coverage. Does the plan only protect key systems (such as the engine, transmission, and drivetrain), or does it encompass other components? Ensure you thoroughly review any specific exclusions.

You should also have a clear grasp of any deductibles and restrictions that might limit the coverage amount. Make sure you comprehend the procedure for filing a Auto Endurance claim and the expiration date of coverage. Maintaining records and receipts is also advised, in case the warranty company requires verification of previous work.

Unravel Extended Warranty Myths with US Warranty

US Warranty strives to be transparent regarding its extended warranty offerings. Every customer is provided the opportunity to review coverage details before making a purchase. Our award-winning protection plan experts are available to address any inquiries.

Having disbursed over $300 million in claims since 2012, US Warranty stands as a benchmark that only a few extended warranty companies have achieved. This exemplifies our commitment to getting US Warranty plan holders back on the road promptly.

Every US Warranty extended warranty encompasses 24/7 roadside assistance (including towing coverage and lockout aid), reimbursement for rental cars, support for trip interruptions, and flexible terms. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to request cancellation within the first month of coverage and typically receive a full refund.

Moreover, US Warranty customers can enroll in a year of Elite Benefits. This package includes additional features worth up to $2,000, covering services like tire repairs and replacements, discounts on collision repairs, key fob replacement, and other valuable amenities. Simply pay a minor activation fee to initiate this service.

Discover the advantages of a US Warranty auto protection plan. Request a FREE quote or call +1 41 33198561 for personalized assistance from a protection plan specialist.

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